Threading types - what are the differences?

When purchasing a battery or clearomizer, it's always a good idea to know what threading type it has. This will help avoid disappointment if some of your current hardware turns out to be incompatible.

There are two main types of battery threadings on e-cigarette devices; eGo and 510. eGo threading is found on most pen-style kits and are compatible with both eGo-threaded and 510-threaded clearomizers. 510 threadings are found on most Box Mods and can only be used with a 510-threaded clearomizer unless an adapter is used to convert one to the other. Below illustrates the differences between the two:

Things to note:

  • Some brands have proprietary threading, which means it’s unique to that specific brand (i.e. it’s neither eGo or 510). It’s always best to ensure you know what type of threading your chosen device has to avoid compatibility issues with your current hardware.
  • If using an adapter, bear in mind that most 510-threaded devices are high-powered box mods, so you’ll need to ensure that the wattage or voltage is reduced accordingly depending on the resistance of the coil within your eGo clearomizer. This is to avoid the coil burning out straight away due to the increased power.
  • Sometimes a clearomizer will not register on the device at all. This is usually caused by the pins of both the battery and clearomizer not making contact with each other. If using a third-party clearomizer with your device (like in the images above) and it does not fire, check the pin connections. Some devices have spring-loaded pins which, in most cases, eliminates this issue, however some can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Older models can have a fixed-in-place pin, so it’s best to evaluate your hardware before considering using third-party components and adapters.

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