BO One instructions & troubleshooting

Having problems with your BO Starter Kit?

Included in the pack:

  • 1 x BO battery
  • 1 x Arctical Menthol Bo Cap (pod)
  • 1 x Gold RX (tobacco) Bo Cap
  • 1 x Magnetic charger (optional extra-long charging cable available here)


1. Charging

To charge your BO One battery, connect it to the supplied magnetic charger and insert into a USB port or wall adapter. The LED indicator will go out when charging has completed. Charging should take 1-2 hours. You can measure the remaining power level according to the colour of the LED on the battery:

  • Blue - fully charged
  • White - half charged
  • Red - nearly empty

2. Using the device

The BO One features a draw-activated mechanism, so once a pod has been inserted, simply take a drag like you would on a cigarette and it will automatically power up. If the LED flashes 3 times upon using it, this usually means the connectors on the pod are not making contact to the pins on the battery. You can pull out the pins slightly on the pod if contact is not being made, but be careful not to pull them off completely.


1. My BO Caps are leaking

If your BO pods are leaking, firstly wipe them dry with tissue. Also ensure you wipe dry the section of the battery that houses the pod. If your pods are making a gurgling noise when taking a drag, this means the coil is flooded. To remedy this, place a piece of tissue on the bottom of the pod and blow through it a few times. Next, insert the pod into the battery and take gentle, long puffs to vapourise any remaining excess e-liquid that may still be in the coil. To avoid a leaking pod in the future, follow these helpful tips:

  • Do not vape on it too hard; if you are taking consecutive long and deep drags, this can on occasion draw too much e-liquid into the atomising chamber. When this happens, not all of the e-liquid can be vaporised and some then comes up the centre pipe or leaks out of the airflow on the bottom of the pod.
  • Make sure that the device and pods aren't left upside down for prolonged periods of time
  • Store your device and pods in a cool dry place. If stored in direct sunlight or some place hot (like a radiator), not only will you damage the battery's cells but e-liquid is also more prone to leaking out.

2. My BO Caps will not sit inside the device properly

This could indicate a faulty pod or battery, however the first thing to check is that there's nothing stuck inside the section of the battery that houses the pod. If the pod keeps "popping out" then this could suggest that the contacts on the bottom of the pod are sticking out a little bit too much. You can easily push these down with your finger to see if that helps.

3. My BO One battery will not charge

If your BO battery is not charging, try plugging it into a different USB port or wall adapter. If nothing happens try inserting the battery into the magnetic charger the other way around (rotate 180 degrees). If you have a spare battery, see if that charges on the same magnetic charger. If the spare isn't charging then we can usually assume your charger is faulty, however if your battery is over 2 months old it may be that your battery just needs replacing. Contact our Customer Care team by submitting a ticket below and we will offer advice based on your specific situation.

If you cannot get on with the supplied USB charger, BO Vaping offer a charging cable which can be purchased here.

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