My Vapourlites VL4 starter kit is not recharging

If your battery no longer holds as much charge as it used to, or if it's no longer charging at all, then it's worth going through the steps below to see if this helps rectify the problem:

  • Try using a different USB port or plug socket when charging

If you're charging with a computer's USB port, ensure the computer is switched on. Try a different USB port as well to see if that makes any difference. If using a wall adaptor, try using a different plug socket or an alternative adaptor. You can also try using a different type of outlet (ie. if you're trying to charge using your computer's USB port, try a plug adaptor or vice versa). Click here to read our article on safely using a plug adaptor to charge your battery.

  • Clean the kit's battery contacts

If there's a build-up of dust and lint on your battery's contacts, this might be causing a connection issue. The safest way to clean the contacts is to use a can of compressed air. Be warned that excessive force on the contacts can damage them irreparably and may void your warranty.

Note: do not leave batteries unattended while charging.

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