What is a vape mod?

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The phrase "vape mod" is generally used to refer to larger, more advanced devices which tend to have more power and a wider range of settings than a standard pen kit. There are a few theories over where the name "mod" came from, but it's often taken to mean "modified"; early mods were often homemade and were largely used by a hard core of DIY vaping fans. Mods took the original template for an e-cigarette, upgraded it and reimagined it, and are now a hugely popular option amongst more advanced vapers looking for something more powerful than a standard e-cigarette. 

The most common type of vape mod is a box mod; these are normally bigger, box-shaped power units which generally allow you to set the power running from the battery to the coil, and sometimes have even more advanced features such as temperature control for consistent hits. Owing to their large size, box mods can pack in a range of features not found in compact pens and cigalikes, and are often powered by removable batteries.

Another popular type of mod is the tube mod, which tend to come with fewer customisable settings and are essentially larger, more powerful vape pens.

Vape mods are normally used with sub-ohm tanks, and can produce huge clouds of vapour thanks to their impressive power. 

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