How to use a disposable e-cigarette

Whether you're switching from cigarettes to vaping or just starting out as a vaper having never smoked, disposable e-cigarettes are a great first choice. For smokers desperate to quit tobacco and become healthier, a disposable e-cigarette provides the same feel they're used to and gives them the nicotine they desire but none of the many thousands of harmful chemicals given off by burning tobacco.

A disposable e-cigarette, as the name suggests, is a short-lived vaping device. It's cheap, easy to use and you just bin it when the e-liquid it contains is finished. For those starting out on their vaping journey who are unsure if they want to make it a permanent habit, a disposable e-cigarette lets them vape without investing lots of time, effort and money in more expensive vaping devices and the many e-liquid refills on offer.

Disposable e-cigarettes are available at physical vape shops and online vape stores such as ourselves here at Electric Tobacconist. They typically come in a pack containing either just one or a number of them — possibly 10 or more. They may be rechargeable and have a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours. People making the transition from smoking to vaping might start with tobacco flavour so they get a similar taste, before moving on to any of the large amount of fruity and experimental e-liquid flavours available today.

After you've bought a disposable e-cigarette, or a pack of them, it's simply a matter of removing any packing or protective wrapping on the e-cigs and then you are good to go. Just take a few slow draws on the device and it will activate. The battery will begin warming the e-liquid in the atomiser — the chamber containing nicotine and flavouring — and vapour will be generated. You'll know it's working when the tip glows. When it no longer lights up, it’s empty and you can dispose of it. You’ll get an idea that the e-liquid is running out when you’re no longer getting all that much vapour from the device.

As you continue using your great new disposable e-cigarette, you may feel you want to gradually lower the amount of nicotine in them when you buy more. Nicotine, however, is not especially harmful and has been likened to caffeine in terms of its effects on the body. However, some smokers want to get off nicotine entirely but carry on vaping to enjoy all the wild and wonderful e-juice flavours — everything from strawberry, mango, coconut and blueberry, to cereal and even roast dinner flavour.

As for how long your disposable e-cigarette will last, it really depends on how much you're using it. It also depends on the make and model, and how much e-liquid is in the device. But for sure, a disposable e-cigarette will last a lot longer than just one traditional tobacco cigarette. You may find you get as much use out of one as a pack or two of 20 cigarettes. That's a lot of vaping for just one small device, and there are big financial savings too.

If you find your disposable e-cigarette an enjoyable experience, you may want to stick with it or explore the growing range of more sophisticated vaping devices. Either way, it allows you to easily enter the world of vaping, and for smokers it offers the chance to finally kick their unhealthy habit. It's no wonder that so many smokers are finding it easy to quit with e-cigarettes and are discovering a renewed sense of vigour and vitality.

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