How to use a vape pen

If you're new to vaping or thinking about starting out with an e-cigarette, a vape pen is a great way to go. It's simple, easy to use and doesn't cost all that much. Plus, vape pens are sleek and elegant, so you'll look great while using it and enjoying all the super e-liquid flavours now available.

The first thing you need to do when you get your vape pen — which are widely available at good vape shops everywhere, including here at Electric Tobacconist — is to read the instruction manual. This may seem obvious, but many people, in their haste to use something new, simply don't bother and then wonder why the item doesn't work properly.

Remember, your vape pen is an electronic device, comprising a battery, an atomiser chamber where e-liquid is heated and possibly other elements. In order for it to function they way it's intended and not to cause any harm, you need to use it the way it's been designed to work. So spend a few minutes going through the instructions and then you’ll be properly informed.

Next, you may have to plug your vape pen in and wait for it to charge. This might take a while — ages, in fact, for the first charge. Do it as soon as you get the vape pen out of the box and soon enough you'll be all powered up and ready to start vaping with your great new vape pen for the first time. Your device may have come with two batteries, so make sure the second is always charged to ensure your vaping experience is not disrupted when the one you're using dies. It's a good idea to order a spare e-cig battery if your vape pen only came with one.

Your vape pen may also have come with free e-liquid (Electric Tobacconist has some great deals) or refills that you purchased separately. If you haven't vaped before you'll need to consider the strength of the nicotine in the e-liquid — it ranges from none to low, medium and high — and you'll especially need to be mindful of this if you've never smoked before, or you are a very light smoker.

If that's the case, you might be better off just having a fruity flavour like strawberry, coconut or banana and a lower level of nicotine (or no nicotine at all), as it could make you feel queasy until your body gets used to it. Heavy smokers should go for medium or maximum-strength nicotine in their e-liquid refills, or they might not be satisfied and start smoking again. This can then be gradually lowered, if your aim is to get off nicotine altogether.

With your e-liquid in place in your new vape pen, you're all set to start vaping. Just drawing on the device will start the vaping process in some models, as the battery begins to heat the e-liquid and produce vapour. On other devices you'll need to press a button to get going — this is why you need to read your instructions at the outset.

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