How to use a cigarette-style kit (cigalike)

What's the best way to start vaping? Get your hands on a great new e-cigarette starter kit! It will have everything you need to quickly and easily get vaping. There are different types of starter kit, however, and many first-time vapers find that cigalikes are the best way to begin. These are vaping devices that look like tobacco cigarettes and so they offer the same kind of feel and experience that smokers are used to.

The difference, of course, is that cigalikes — and all vaping gear — are much better for you than smoking cigarettes. They contain nicotine of different strengths (some have no nicotine at all) as well as flavours that range from fruity to traditional tobacco and many more. They don't have any of the harmful chemicals that are emitted by burning tobacco and that are so bad for people's health. Smokers, after all, only want the nicotine in their cigarettes, and not all the toxic elements in smoke. That’s why so many are switching to vaping instead.

But vaping is still a relatively new activity and many people are unsure about it and what to do. Just browsing all the many vaping devices on an online vape shop like ours here at Electric Tobacconist can be puzzling. There are all kinds of vaping gear and many don't look like e-cigarettes at all, with some resembling small tanks and even USB sticks. Cigalikes, though, provide a familiar route into vaping.

Your cigarette-style starter kit will contain the cigalike you'll use to vape, as well as one or two batteries and a charger. It will also generally come with a cartomizer or two: these are cartridges filled with flavoured e-liquid. The e-liquid is heated when you inhale on the device, producing vapour.

One thing you'll need to keep in mind when you're choosing your e-cig starter kit is the strength of nicotine in the cartomizer. Refills come in strengths ranging from 0mg to 20mg. If you're a heavy smoker you might want to opt for 20mg or 18mg. Casual or social smokers —  people who might only have a cigarette at a gathering or on the weekend — would be better off choosing 6mg, as anything stronger might make them feel dizzy or ill from too much nicotine. And if you've never smoked at all and just want to try vaping for the flavours, get 0mg refills.

Then it's simply a case of following the assembly and usage instructions on your particular cigalike starter kit and away you go. It's always handy to have one backup battery that's fully charged, as you never know when the one in your device might be used up, leaving you with no power when you most want to vape. If your kit only came with one battery, you can easily order another from your online vape shop.

And a word about using your cigalike in public: vape with caution. Just like you, a newcomer to vaping who is just getting to grips with this new technology, many people still don't know a great deal about e-cigarettes. While you'll only be exhaling harmless vapour and not toxic cigarette smoke, people around you might easily think you are smoking. So if you're in company, ask before you vape, and as a rule, don't vape in places where you wouldn't smoke.

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