How to use a box mod

If you're looking for a more advanced way to vape instead of just using a disposable e-cigarette or vape pen, box mods are the device for you. They're available in all kinds of shapes, styles and functions, but they're generally box-shaped — hence the name. Using one requires a lot more know-how than simpler devices, but once you get to grips with this great new technology you'll enjoy a superior vaping experience.

The benefits of using a box mod over other kinds of vape gear is that they allow users to regulate the temperature at which the e-liquid is heated. That means your vapour is never too hot or too dry, but is just how you want it. Vapers using box mods also get to adjust the wattage and power in their devices — with a higher wattage, for instance, users get a more intense vaping experience and a better throat hit.

Box mods’ tanks can be customised according to users’ wishes, so that they get less or more vapour or flavour. Box mods are also used for cloud chasing, the emerging sport of producing huge clouds of vapour, just for fun or for competition. For many vapers using box mods, the larger battery and its much longer life compared to disposable e-cigs is a distinct benefit — and many batteries in box mods can be recharged without having to first remove them.

When you get your box mod out of the box, you'll need to charge it up. Most box mods have a USB charger that plugs right into the mod while others will require that you remove the battery from the device and charge it — some may come with a separate docking or charging station. It will take a few hours to fully charge, and because your box mod is a powerful device containing a strong battery, it's essential that you go through the user manual that came with it so you know exactly how to prepare, charge and use it.

If you already have a box mod, it's a safe bet that you're an experienced vaper, and you know what levels of nicotine in your e-liquid are best suited to you. Of course, you can also opt for no nicotine at all — just fruity or other flavours. If, however, you're relatively new to vaping and still trying to figure everything out, choose e-liquid according to your smoking or non-smoking habits: medium- or high-strength for heavy smokers and a low-strength nicotine e-liquid for casual or social smokers. We do, however, recommend halving the nicotine strength you would generally use if using a box mod with a sub-ohm tank (eg. use 3mg if you normally use 6mg, and use 6mg if you normally vape 12mg).

If you're considering getting into cloud chasing and producing huge plumes of vapour, you'll need a sub-ohm e-liquid tank. Just be wary of blowing great big clouds when you're out in public and possibly causing alarm among those nearby. Not everyone wants to be shrouded in vapour, and it could also be mistaken for toxic cigarette smoke and get you in trouble. A little common sense will ensure you’re on cloud nine with your box mod.

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