My batteries don't last as long as they used to

Have you noticed that your batteries are draining faster than they used to? Read the points below to understand why batteries degrade and what you can do to prolong their lifetime.

1. Make sure you use your battery regularly

E-cigarette batteries like to be used regularly. It keeps them from going 'stale'. The more they are used, the easier power flows through the battery’s cells. The lithium-ion batteries used in our e-cigs are also used in mobile phones, which indicates that they are designed to be used every day.

2. Be careful with where you store your battery

You will be unsurprised to hear that dropping your e-cigarette battery will cause damage, or that exposing it to water will also cause harm, or kill in entirely. You should also know that exposure to direct sunlight can dramatically affect the lifespan of a battery. You should also avoid keeping your battery alongside anything in your pocket, so as to avoid unnecessary damage.

3. Never fully drain your battery

Vapers like to keep a spare battery and rotate them as required. If you have a spare, make sure you don't completely drain the battery you are using before swapping it for your spare - doing this will definitely reduce the lifespan of your battery. Ideally, you should look to recharge batteries when you have used half the available power (which isn't necessarily practical, granted, but it can help when you begin to notice a reduced performance).

Batteries are a bit like lorries. If you make a lorry stop, it will take longer to get back up to speed than if you merely make it slow down. Similarly, it’s much easier for a battery with some life left in it to be recharged than it is for one that’s completely dead.

4. Don't store drained or half-charged batteries

Ideally any charged battery should be fully (or over half) charged. Storing them with 50% or less charge will cause them to drain faster. Just as when you completely drain your battery before recharging it, your e-cigarette battery will have to work harder to deliver the power needed to use your device. This extra work required of it will shorten its lifespan.

5. Disconnect cartomizer from battery when not in use

If you're planning to not use your battery for a while, make sure you disconnect your battery from the cartomizer (cartridge) attached to it. When your cartomizer is connected to the battery, it will continue to drain a small amount of e-liquid from inside the cartomizer, even when not using it. This is why it's important to disconnect the two, so that fewer recharges are required of it. The fewer recharges you need, the longer the battery will last overall.

6. Unscrew e-cig battery when finished charging

We recommend charging your battery for no more than four hours. After this time, it's important to disconnect the battery from the charger as soon as possible. Doing this will ensure you’re not overcharging the battery, which can overwork the device and reduce its lifespan. One exception is that if it's the first time you charge your battery, it's always a good idea to leave it charging just for an extra hour.

7. Keep threads and contacts clean

Keep the contacts between the battery and your cartomizer/clearomizer/tank clean. Over time, these connections can assemble any amount of dirt from your pocket etc and this can ruin an e-cig battery. Use a cotton bud or alcohol wipe to periodically wipe down the threads of both the battery and the cartomizer/clearomizer/tank.

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