What does "Order Incomplete" mean?

If there's an order on your account with the status "Order Incomplete", this means the order was never finalised which is usually due to payment not being received by us. An order with the status "Order Incomplete" will not be sent to our warehouse team and will not be dispatched.

If you go through the checkout to pay for the items in your basket but don't complete the transaction, or the payment fails (or gets declined), then the order will remain as "Order Incomplete".

But I can see the transaction in my bank!

When you submit your payment information to pay for your order, we obtain authorisation from your bank to deduct the amount shown. This is what you see in your "pending transactions" in your bank account and it indicates our intention to deduct that amount to pay for your order. However, if the payment is unsuccessful or it gets declined, this triggers another message to your bank to say that the sale will no longer be going ahead. Your bank will then release the funds back into your available balance which usually takes around 48 hours, but this time can vary depending on the bank.

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