Why does the nicotine-per-dose figure vary between e-liquids?

Image of Double Drip Coil Sauce e-liquid with nicotine-per-dose amount highlighted

You may have noticed that some e-liquid bottles display a nicotine-per-dose or per-puff figure on the label, and that this amount can vary even between two e-liquids with the same nicotine content.

These nicotine-per-dose figures come from independent batch testing of each e-liquid flavour, where we do not know:

  • how they define a "dose"
  • the temperature at which the e-liquid was heated (typically, the higher the temperature, the more nicotine is released as vapour)
  • what constitutes a "puff"

This means that in order to get the exact dose of nicotine stated on the bottle, you would need to replicate the exact conditions under which the e-liquid was tested, and this is something that we don't know. This makes the nicotine-per-dose figure on the bottle fairly useless information for you, the vaper, because 

  • the vast majority of e-cigarettes on the market are rated to deliver varying levels of power, which can be further adjusted by the consumer, affecting the temperature and therefore the nicotine dose


  • all consumers are different with regard to the amount of time they take to "drag" on their e-cigarette, making a "dose" almost impossible to measure; the longer you hold the button, the hotter the coils are going to get, which will affect the amount of nicotine vapourised.

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