Is the seal broken on my e-liquid bottle?

All of our e-liquids are shipped directly from trusted suppliers, or the manufacturers themselves. This means there is no reason for an e-liquid bottle to be open when you receive it. 

E-liquid bottles are made with a child-proof cap; this means the lid will spin freely when you turn it. The bottle must be opened by applying downward pressure and turning, to break the small plastic connections on the underside of the lid. 

If you're unsure on whether the seal is intact, here are a few quick checks you can perform:

  • Pull the lid upwards and check underneath - the 'neck' of the bottle typically has a plastic ring. If you can see small strings of plastic between the ring and the 'neck', the bottle is unopened.
  • When you first open the bottle, you'll typically hear a click. This is the sound of the plastic seal being broken and means the bottle is unopened.
  • Most e-liquid bottles have a small pocket of air at the top. This is normal and does not mean the bottle has been opened.
  • Some e-liquid bottles don't have cellophane wrapping around them - this is normal and does not mean the bottle has been opened.

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