What are 'hybrid' e-liquids?

An e-liquid with a 'hybrid' nicotine blend is one that is half freebase, half nicotine salt. These two types of nicotine are quite different in terms of their effects and the sensation they provide when vaping.

Freebase nicotine is the original type used in e-liquid. It's generally considered the 'standard'. Freebase nicotine provides a more noticeable throat hit, and at higher strengths (12mg or more) the sensation can be quite powerful. Many enjoy this sensation as it's similar to smoking a cigarette. Freebase nicotine is slower acting and takes a little longer to enter the system, meaning you are less likely to experience head rush when vaping. 

Nicotine salt is a newer type of nicotine that was first introduced in pod-style systems like the JUUL. It's smoother on the throat, which means even at higher strengths you're less likely to experience throat irritation. Nicotine salts are absorbed into the body faster meaning they provide a stronger 'buzz'. 

A hybrid e-liquid is made with a mix of the two. This means you'll experience a more noticeable throat hit while also enjoying the fast-acting properties of nicotine salts. 

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