Where's a good place to start with e-cigs?

You have two options: you can either try a disposable vape to see what you think (these are ready-assembled and ready to vape), or you can buy a starter kit, which is more cost effective.

If you buy a disposable e-cigarette, after it has run out you will either need to buy another, or you can move onto a starter kit.

If you buy an e-cigarette vape kit first time, you then only need to buy refills (cartomizers or e-liquid) until your starter kit battery dies – the length of time the initial battery lasts depends on the brand, but as a rule of thumb it’s around 2-3 months before they need replacing.

After understanding how e-cigarettes work you may want to move onto something a little more advanced like a sub-ohm kit. These produce large amounts of vapour and are high-powered.

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