Why can't I find 10 Motives Batteries anywhere!?

Unfortunately, 10 Motives have discontinued the Starter Kit and batteries from their product range. However! You'll be pleased to know we have introduced our own 10 Motives compatible battery and charger. Find these products below:

ET Battery - https://www.electrictobacconist.co.uk/product/electric-tobacconist-et-rechargeable-battery-11674

ET Charger - https://www.electrictobacconist.co.uk/product/electric-tobacconist-et-usb-charger-11675

Please note - Whilst the batteries are compatible with 10 Motives refills, we do not recommend charging the ET battery with a 10 Motives USB Charger. Only charge the ET battery using the ET Charger. 

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