How do I turn on/turn off my e-cigarette?

Firstly, check to see if your e-cigarette has a fire button. The majority do, but certain pod mods and cigarette-style devices do not, as they are activated simply by inhaling.

Fire button placement on the Aspire K2, Joyetech AIO and KiK Vape 02 e-cigarettes

If your e-cigarette does have a fire button, it can be turned on by pressing the button five times quickly in succession. For most e-cigarettes, you'll need to press the fire button 5 times in 2 seconds - this is to prevent your device going off unexpectedly in your bag or pocket!

Once you've pressed the button 5 times, you should get an indication that the device has switched on. Often this will be a series of flashes from the LED. Now simply hold the fire button as you inhale on the device and you're vaping! To turn off your e-cigarette, repeat the series of 5 button clicks. Again, there will be an indication that the device is off; normally a series of blinks from the LED. 

If your e-cigarette is still not turning on, please check our troubleshooting article here. The issue might be down to an insufficiently charged battery, a lack of connection between battery and tank/cartomizer or a burned-out coil in your cartomizer or pod (if using a device that takes refills). 

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