What is coil resistance?

The lower the resistance of a coil, the more current can flow through the circuit; this means that your coils will become hotter and more of your vape juice will be vaporized.

Not sure which resistance level to go for when choosing a coil? Higher resistance levels tend to be more popular with beginners, but please see below for more information:

Lower resistance coils:

  • stronger throat hit
  • more heat
  • more vapour
  • uses up more battery life
  • uses more e-liquid

Higher resistance coils:

  • smoother throat hit
  • less heat
  • less vapour
  • uses up less battery life
  • uses less e-liquid

Vaping with coils with a resistance below 1.0ohm is referred to as sub-ohm vaping; you will need a sub-ohm tank or device to be able to do this. Sub-ohm vaping can produce huge clouds of vapor and intense flavour, but is recommended for more experienced vapers only.

When choosing an e-liquid to go with your coils, please note the following: if your coils have a resistance of over 1.0ohm, you should only use liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG balance, or with a higher concentration of PG (such as 70PG/30VG). Liquids with more VG than this are only suitable for sub-ohm coils, as they are thicker and will not be absorbed by standard >1 ohm coils (found in most vape pen kits).

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