What is a pod kit?

A pod kit, also known as a pod system, pod vape or pod mod, is a vape kit that has two main parts: a battery and a pod. Pod vape kits are made to be simple and user-friendly, particularly for those who are new to vaping. 

Since their conception, pod kits have evolved into two main types - pre-filled pod mods and refillable pod mods. 

Pre-filled pod mods

A pre-filled pod kit takes pods that are already filled with e-liquid by the manufacturer. These pod kits tend to have their own dedicated range of pods, available in a range of flavours. Popular examples include the JUUL 2 Starter Kit and Vuse ePen. Pre-filled pods are not designed to be refilled.

Refillable pod mods

Refillable pod mods utilise the same design as pre-filled, with the exception that the pods are empty and can be filled with an e-liquid of your choice. This tends to be done by removing the mouthpiece or through a plastic plug on the side of the pod. Popular examples include the UWELL Caliburn and the Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini. Refillable pod mods either have disposable pods (that are thrown away once the coil has expired) or 'tank' style pods that have replaceable coils. 

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