Which e-cigarette is most like my favourite cigarette?

Many ex-smokers, when making the switch to vaping, are looking for a taste and nicotine hit that recreates the experience of smoking the cigarettes they are used to. It's hard to say exactly which e-cigarette flavour is like Marlboro or Mayfair or Pall Mall (for example), as people's taste buds vary; different flavour notes will be more pronounced for different people. After vaping for a while, you might even find that the taste of a cigarette is the last thing you want! This article lays out the available options for ex-smokers looking for a tobacco- (or menthol-) flavoured vape.   


One option is cigalikes, or cigarette-style e-cigarettes. Cigalikes have similar dimensions to regular cigarettes, and tend to come with medium to high nicotine content. For recent converts to e-cigarettes, this can be really helpful; if you used to smoke regular cigarettes, the nicotine strength of most cigalikes should be about the right amount to satisfy your cravings. One cigarette-style option is the Hoxton Classic. Refills for the Classic are available with a high nicotine strength (18mg or 1.8% nicotine); this is perfect for former smokers who need a strong throat hit of nicotine. Most cigalikes are available in both tobacco and menthol flavours (as well as a range of others), so both standard and menthol smokers will be able to find something for them.


Another option is to team a vape pen with a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid. This can be a better long-term option if you're quitting smoking; it's often cheaper to keep yourself topped up with e-liquid than it is to buy packs of cigalike refills, and vape pen batteries are normally designed to last. Vape pen starter kits generally consist of a battery and a refillable tank for e-liquid. E-liquid is the flavoured juice that you vaporise when you're vaping, and it comes in a huge range of options both in terms of flavour and nicotine strength. Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids come in all sorts of varieties: 

Browse our full range of tobacco e-liquids by clicking this link. Please note: if you are not using a kit designed for sub-ohm vaping, make sure to choose an e-liquid containing more PG than VG, or a 50/50 PG/VG blend. High-VG e-liquid (60% VG or above) is too thick to be absorbed by the coils used in normal vape pens, and will give you an unpleasant taste.

Pods and Pod Mods

Pod mods are huge at the moment due to their unbelievable convenience and the fantastic vaping experience they provide. Rather than having to refill an e-liquid tank, pod mods take pre-filled e-liquid pods which simply slot into place in your device with no hassle. There are a range of great tobacco and menthol pods available which have a cigarette-like flavour. 

If you're looking for a tobacco flavour, the Vuse ePod 2 is a excellent pick. The device uses ePod cartridges - the most popular pod choices for this kit are:

Nicotine Salts

A fairly recent introduction to the vaping world, nicotine-salt-based e-liquids give you all the satisfaction of a strong, cigarette-style nicotine hit without the harsh scratchiness in your throat that stronger e-liquids can sometimes give. The most straightforward option for trying out nicotine salts is to pick up a JUUL 2. The JUUL 2 doesn't need refilling with e-liquid as it's a pod-based system; just pop in a pre-filled e-liquid pod and you're ready to go! All of the JUUL 2 Pods are made with nicotine salts, and there are a range of flavours available from Ruby Menthol to Blackcurrant Tobacco. Other options include the HEXA Pro pod system, which uses a blend of nicotine salts and regular freebase nicotine in its refills; the Blu 2.0 or the popular Elfa Pro Kit, which also has a 20mg nic salt blend in all refill pods. 

We also offer a range of nicotine salt e-liquids for use in your starter kit, including ranges from Ionic Salts, Ohm Brew and SALT.

Heated Tobacco

A recent addition to the vaping industry is heated tobacco products, also known as 'Heat Not Burn'. A prime example of this is the Iluma Kit by IQOS.

Essentially, this device uses specially designed tobacco sticks called 'TEREA' that are inserted into the heating chamber of the IQOS pen, also referred to as the 'holder'. The pen then heats the tobacco stick, providing an authentic and cigarette-like experience without the health implications that burning tobacco causes. The HEETS come in many flavours, ranging from aromatic 'Amber' tobacco to peppermint-infused 'Blue'. More information on this kit can be found on our IQOS Beginner's Guide blog. 

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