Charging your e-cigarette with a plug adaptor

If you are charging your e-cigarette, vape pen or pod mod with a mains plug adaptor, it is incredibly important to make sure you are doing so safely.

Firstly, check the instructions along with your device, as battery capacity and voltage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. If your device can be charged using a plug adaptor, we recommend using one with an output of 0.5A (500mA); plugs with a higher amperage than this are unsuitable for use with small devices like e-cigarettes, as their batteries are unable to handle higher currents. Always make sure to use the correct USB cable when charging your e-cigarette.

Never leave your e-cigarette unattended while charging, and never leave it charging overnight. Do not charge your e-cigarette battery for longer than the instructions state. Make sure your battery is resting on a flat, non-flammable surface while charging.



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