Which refills are compatible with which batteries?

A handful of brands' cartomizers and batteries are cross-compatible: 

  • VIP and Halo batteries and cartomizer refills are cross-compatible
  • Vapestick, Gamucci Micro & Hoxton Classic batteries and cartomizer refills are cross-compatible. If you have a Gamucci Micro battery and are looking for refills that fit, try our range of Hoxton Classic cartomizers or Vapestick cartomizers.

Apart from these exceptions, you can only use cartomizers from the same brand as your battery.  

E-cigarette brands that are not compatible with other brands' batteries/cartomizers include 10 Motives, Jac Vapour, Logic, OK & Vapourlites.

Make sure to always use the right charger for your battery too; chargers cannot be used with batteries from other brands.

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