I am diabetic, are e-cigs safe for me?

As of yet there haven't been any strong clinical studies on the effects that e-cigarettes have on blood sugar levels of people that have diabetes, however research by the Tobacco Research and Treatment Center at Harvard Medical School showed that higher nicotine levels are linked with slightly increased HbA1c levels in people that do not have diabetes.

E-liquid can contain sugars that have the potential to raise your blood sugar levels, however they are in very low concentrations so unless you're chain-vaping, your risk is likely to be minimal. If you're a diabetic and a smoker, then your body is already under tremendous strain. Removing cigarettes from the equation should be of utmost importance, and many have found that e-cigarettes are a great alternative to curb those cravings, both with the nicotine it delivers and the action of inhaling and exhaling.

We cannot recommend e-cigarettes for diabetics as we are not medical professionals, but many diabetic people have successfully used e-cigs to quit smoking. If you're thinking about it, then first of all you should conduct your own research and form your own opinions on the matter. We'd also recommend consulting your doctor or endocrinologist so they can assess your current situation and to talk about your options. If you do start to use e-cigs, you should monitor your blood sugar levels very closely to start with to understand how it might be affecting your body; many people don't even notice a considerable change in their blood sugar levels when vaping.

When comparing cigarette smoke to e-cigarette vapour, there's no doubt that the latter is the safer alternative.

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