Mouth-to-lung (MtL) vs. direct-to-lung (DtL) vaping

There are two major vaping techniques: mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung. It's important to know which style is right for the kit or coil you're using, as using the wrong technique can flood or burn out your coil, or give you an overly hot draw with very little flavour.


This is the technique you will need to use with most standard vape pens and cigarette-style kits. Mouth-to-lung vaping involves a similar action to smoking a cigarette (ie. drawing the vapour into your mouth before inhaling), and so may be better for people who have recently quit smoking.


Most sub-ohm devices require a direct-to-lung draw, as their airflow is likely to be less tight than most MtL devices. Make sure to double-check which technique is right for your device! DtL vaping involves inhaling the vapour directly into the lungs in one fluid motion, as opposed to mouth-to-lung vaping, used in most lower-power devices. High-VG (over 60% VG), low nicotine (6mg or lower) e-liquid is recommended when using sub-ohm devices. You may find that higher-PG e-liquids taste are too harsh to vape with a sub-ohm setup.

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